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2018-19 EPGBA Board Members
(Elected March 2018)

* Denotes voting board member (More About Volunteering)

EPGBA Mailing Address:
PO BOX 44731

The Board of Directors meets every third Sunday of the month (except December and February) to conduct business. The time and location of the board meetings are posted on the master schedule.  Anyone interested in contributing to EPGBA is welcome to attend a board meeting.  We are always looking for volunteers to help make the basketball experience for our student-athletes on a continuous success.  Please contact one of the EPGBA Officers below for more information.

Position Name Contact
President Julie Peyer*
Vice-President, Travel Donnell Krueger*
Vice-President, In-House OPEN
Treasurer Brian Landwehr*
Secretary Carmen Bamlett*






Staff Name Contact
Coaching Director Denny Tape
Coaching Director Alex Wolter






Board Members At-Large

Kari Anseth*
Jodi Archuleta*
Mark Archuleta*
Monique Baune*
Reid Baynes*
Joe Brazil*
Lisa Brazil*
Shari Breuer*
Pam Dvoracek*

Cassandra Hardwick*
Brandi Hoffmann*
Amy Helget Nicklaus*
Todd Holloway*
Sarah Jordan*
Jonathan Laffond*
Darren McNeil*
Nancy Metzger*
Riley Moorjani*
Emily Rice*
Colleen Schlagel*
Carol Tape*

For any web related questions, please email us at  .