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Per the EPGBA Handbook, player eligibility is defined as follows: "Player must be a resident of the City of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, or attend an Eden Prairie Public or Private school". Any special player requests need to be submitted to the Travel VP prior to registering for the travel program. Girls are eligible to play at their grade level in school. Girls participating in the Travel Program may be asked to provide EPGBA with an accurate copy of their birth certificate and/or request proof of enrollment and grade level from each girl's school.   

All girls planning to try out for a travel team, must be registered and paid for in EPGBA's system by the registration deadline. EPGBA DOES NOT accept walk-in registrations on the tryout dates. No player will be allowed to participate in tryouts until ALL fees are paid. There will be added fees to any team that has a paid head coach, which is determined once teams are formed. Families will bring two (2) checks to the first day of tryouts - one to cover any additional fee if your daughter is placed on a team with a paid head coach ($TBD), and the second to cover each family's obligation to volunteer their time to work at the EP Tip Off Tournament ($200).  Financial assistance is available for those in need on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact our Treasurer for more information.

Travel Fees for the 2017/18 Season* - 4th Grade = $TBD; 5th Grade = $TBD; 6th Grade = $TBD; 7th Grade = $TBD; 8th Grade = $TBD

Tryouts are used to measure each individual player's talent and skill level and to form competitive teams at the appropriate playing levels. All players who register for the Travel program must attend both tryout sessions to be selected for a travel team. Vacations, family commitments, or other sports activities are not reasons that will allow a player to miss a tryout session.  Under limited circumstances approved by the EPGBA Executive Board prior to tryouts (for example – injury/illness accompanied by a doctor note or family emergency), an excused player may be placed on a travel team even though they were unable to participate in evaluations.  For unexcused players, placement on a team is not guaranteed. If a roster spot is available and the Executive Board approves, the unexcused player will be placed on the lowest team.

If your daughter is ill for tryouts or has a documented injury, you must contact the   BEFORE the tryouts begin.

EPGBA hires paid, non-relative evaluators to run the evaluation phase tryouts. These evaluators are typically metro area HS varsity coaches, area AAU coaches, and all have many years of coaching and/or training experience. EPGBA's eligible (i.e., does not have a child trying out) Coaching Directors or eligible designee(s) as determined by the Executive Board will oversee the work of the evaluation team during the tryouts and make sure the evaluators are knowledgeable on EPGBA policies and rules. The Coaching Directors or designees do not participate in the actual evaluations and should not provide opinions or insights on any player during the evaluation phase of tryouts.  At the completion of the evaluation phase of tryouts, the evaluators will assign an overall ranking for each player as well as note any natural break points in talent within each grade level.

The second day of tryouts will focus on the creation of teams by the Team Formation Committee, which will be comprised of the following individuals: Coaching Director(s), Eden Prairie Girls’ Varsity Head Coach and grade-level head coaches.  However, Coaching Directors and grade-level head coaches with a child participating in tryouts will not be allowed to join the Committee until after their child has been placed on a team by the other members of the Committee.

Teams will be established with 8-10 players. Unless otherwise approved by the EPGBA Board, teams will have no fewer than 7 players and not more than 10 players.

Playing Up
It is EPGBA’s preference to have all travel players play with their current grade. Under no circumstances can a player play down into a younger grade.  There are very few players who demonstrate abilities beyond their grade level. If a parent believes their player has the skills to be ranked by the independent evaluators as a Top 3 player at a higher grade level, they should contact the VP of Travel no later than 30 days prior to tryouts to request evaluation at a higher grade level during tryouts. The VP of Travel is responsible for gaining input from Coaches, Coaching Directors and if appropriate the Eden Prairie Girls’ Varsity Head Coach and either approving or rejecting the request to tryout at the hight grade level. 

All players on all travel teams are provided one reversible jersey and shorts set during their playing career in grades 4-8, which is selected and ordered by EPGBA's Uniform Coordinator. Replacement or larger jerseys or shorts may be ordered at the expense of the player.

*Per EPGBA Policy:  For girls named to a team, there are no refunds of fees for any reason after evaluations.  If a girl does not make a team (cut), all registration fees will be returned, less a $25.00 tryout fee.

*Per EPGBA Policy:  For girls named to a team, there are no refunds of fees for any reason after evaluations.  If a girl does not make a team (cut), all registration fees will be returned, less a $25.00 tryout fee.